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28 March 2013 Breaking News Italian Leader Muslim community impressed pope’s insistence inter religious friendship. End Times news Update 3-28-13 – 28 March …
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Question by TheKitten: How come God has nothing better to do with His time than worry about gays?
If I were an all-powerful being, finally putting an end to the Somalia crisis would be heck of a lot higher on my list of priorities than figuring out who sleeps with who.

That makes God sound really shallow; Like if that God was watching TV, he’d watch TMZ instead of the world news, because that stuff is what really matters!

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Answer by Insanity Wolf
lol is all i can say

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  1. camel toe says:

    The dragon is the USA and the hooker is the room 😕 )

  2. PalindromeSociety says:

    I often say, stop asking for proof when you don’t really want it. Atheist ask for? proof and evidence of God’s existence and when they get it they just it’s not proof or such, so don’t ask for what you don’t want. Then there’s the whole issue of, do Muslims listen to Muhammad or the Quran, do they pick certain verses and choose what suits them. You will never listen as long as you keep those blinders on. We should have had enough of these kid games by now, where we can’t admit what we do.

  3. PalindromeSociety says:

    I’m demonstrating a point.You’re asking someone to prove something that takes a belief to believe in and not factual evidences.What would be proof to you? simply,nothing,because? even when qualified theologians debate with Muslim apologist,you still agree with Muslim apologist despite Muslim’s making no sense or pulling double standards or,taking the bible out of context to prove Islamic points etc.So what would prove it to you? Nothing. God will have to reveal it to you because you won’t listen.

  4. PalindromeSociety says:

    Prove it false.?

  5. NoorminAllah1 says:

    prove? it

  6. john rudge says:

    Jesus? Christ is Lord and in the end every muslim and christian and religion will bow to Christ as God

  7. Marino Swandi says:

    another satan job, his start with making this? video

  8. iagreethetruthhurts says:

    Shut? up..you make very little better yet no sence what so everrrr….

  9. NoorminAllah1 says:

    And I don’t wish to argue with you. As God Almighty says in the Quran there is? no compulsion in religion. If you want to be a muslim, be a muslim, if you don’t don’t, and in the end we are all going before Almighty God, May God Almighty guide us all amen (ameen)

  10. NoorminAllah1 says:

    Actually, after making a long study I came to the? conclusion there is only One Religion and that is the religion of Abraham, Adam, Noah, Jesus, Moses, MOhamed, etc. The religion of all 120,000 prophets. And that is Islam. Islam is not different from judaism or christianity. It is the same message 🙂

  11. iagreethetruthhurts says:

    Thank? you for posting this great video…

  12. iagreethetruthhurts says:

    so therefore you are still ignorant of the true God…all religion in this world if not of? the true God of the bible the holy bilbe….

  13. NoorminAllah1 says:

    thank God I’m muslim :)?

  14. jambamaem says:

    mmm i dont know enough to fight you on this one so? i’ll just keep quiet and let it be so. Well, whatever happens happens i say, not much more we can do really.

  15. johnnygoodvibes1 says:

    Thank you, I feel your intentions are good…. but? I won’t hold my breath.

  16. MSlater31 says:

    May the Creator of all, our Heavenly Father, YAH place an edge of protection around you. May His holy spirit abide with you, and in you. May his presence manifest in your life. May the word (Yahshuah-Jesus Christ) become the truth–and the way of life, in your life.? May His love, mercy, grace and peace abide in you. May you become one with Him in spirit and truth– that you may be sealed until the day of redemption. I pray this, that your spirit may be STILL and you will know, that HE is GOD.

  17. johnnygoodvibes1 says:

    Go my way I will….? May the force be with you!

  18. TheRickyp83 says:

    Your stupidity is annoying me. Staaaahhhhp.?

  19. johnnygoodvibes1 says:

    That’s easy. I came here to find out more about the new pope and the Catholic church. The video confirms my understanding of this powerfully evil organization.

    I find belief systems and mankind’s? obsession with them astounding, dangerous and not funny. Although ridiculous assertions of any kind can be quite laughable and worthy of taught.

    icu Satan? Saying you see Satan is as menacing as a hippie threatening to punch me in my aura.

  20. MSlater31 says:

    Satan and his demons believe also, and tremble. And they know the bible. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the answer was YES…Remember he’s a serpent…very cunning. His will is to kill, steal and destroy the WORD OF GOD. And that’s exactly what his army (DEMONS) are doing now. Notice TheRickyp83 only job is to make? God’s people feel ignorant and blind for believing in what…the WORD OF GOD. They know there’s power in his word.:)

  21. MSlater31 says:

    One thing God does not do is FORCE his love, grace, godly wisdom on others…only Satan works? by force, by trying to manipulating the minds of God’s people, he’s trying to force his way into our lives. icu satan. No you go your way…and I’ll go YHWY:). Works for me. THE END WILL TELL ALL!

  22. MSlater31 says:

    Now my question to you, for you, that only you can answer. Why did you come to this page? If you are an unbeliever why are you here? Did? you enjoy the video? 🙂 U said nothing in reference to this video. Are you just hear to taught the believers??? icu satan

  23. MSlater31 says:

    I stopped at the first line…Nope I’m not interested in YOUR truth. Thanks. Narrow is the way and many won’t find it. I understand this…so I’m not about forcing my beliefs on others. To each it’s own!!!! WE ALL HAVE FREE WILL…so stop trying to cunningly sway the minds of the believers!?

  24. MSlater31 says:

    Are you asking me this? I DONT KNOW OR CARE TO KNOW…I just know who I am. And I don’t consider myself a ‘Christian’ simply because I don’t place a title over my Faith. God has people in all for corners of the earth.? But are they all ‘Youtube Fanatics’ maybe not. Maybe because they have other concerns, This is what I’m saying if your the curious one…asking the questions…then it is for you to seek the answers…not me. I don’t care to know why.

  25. MSlater31 says:

    Exactly…there’s nothing you can say to me that will EVER change my mind…or the minds of those who knows God. So please go your way. Why come to a page that is all about religion, faith, a higher power, when your an unbeliever. You weren’t invited! So why bring your unbelief to sway the minds of? those who believe. Sounds like Satan to me. GET THEE BEHIND ME!

  26. ???? ???? ?????? says:

    I love your pic…that is all.

  27. Gods only exist in Tamriel says:

    Yea, I would figure he’d be spending his time and unlimited resources feeding starving kids or something, not giving homos a hard time.


    ..it’s nog God, it’s people

  29. Joshua says:

    God is afraid religious nuts will hurt them.

  30. Marikah says:

    sorry but God does not worry – so your statement is unsupportable

    he does judge though>>>>>>because he is holy and righteous

    1Cr 6:9 Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality,
    1Cr 6:10 or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people—none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God.

  31. C L S says:

    God does not ‘worry’ at all.
    He is very much grieved by all our many sins and of course ‘so-called ‘ gays are indeed in terrible sin.
    But we must all seek forgiveness for our sins and sincerely repent of them and ask His Holy Spirit to help us to sin no more!

  32. Homoathiest says:

    God doesnt gave ashit what you think. Bangin guys butts is a devil thing.

  33. fatsausage says:

    You have made a number of incorrect assumptions.
    If there is a God, He would not condone sodomy.

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