alien attacks police officer CNN BREAKING NEWS

caught on the contables dash cam the alien smokes the police officer and drives away ebay alien stuff cool for your electronic needs high tech stuff 150blogs rather mixed upmess but downloaded full official cia documents on exsploded ufo tests rare documentation if you got the wiltosiftthrew it all feel free to download it and ebay stiuff only millitary parts opurtunity to promote my store
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  1. THEIAN11 says:


  2. polzowatel says:

    how do you know this video wasnt real? thing is my friend, out society is at the point where do wont believe anything even facts, even if we are being shoved our noses? into facts we refuse to believe them, unless we get burned then we start believing them but before that any evidence is considered to be a fake, the country is demoralized, watch the 16-17 minute video called “interview of russian kgb agent”

  3. blaqoD says:

    p2: is obviously fake… but? that doesn’t mean it’s not related to something true, now is it?

  4. senorskittles1005 says:

    i want one of dem ray? guns!!!

  5. blaqoD says:

    just a question for the top? commenters: Why are you rejecting this? this may be real, even though it might have been used for publicity for some ebay stuff (see description), but “spontaneous human combustion”? I mean, come on…. Yes, we do waste many hours on finding truth and real videos, but as “investigators” aren’t we supposed to not believe in coincidences and make in-deep connections? For instance, the clip on the right side (Incredible incident – monster from water attacking woman) ..p1

  6. MegaBattledroid says:

    Dont worry bro. ?

  7. godiamone says:


    Here? are a few that are the MOST considerable in my opinion being as some of them were on the news and/or viewed by multiple people at the same time.

  8. godiamone says:


    Here are a few that are the MOST considerable in my opinion being as? some of them were on the news and/or viewed by multiple people at the same time.

  9. godiamone says:

    Is that really necessary? U Troll Bro? Cause apparentyl you don’t read too good. Don’t quit? yer day job.

  10. godiamone says:

    lol,? I do, I do…. but the staff at youtube is pathetic. I have e-mailed hundreds of times to fix minor problems, and NOTHING. They don’t fucking give a shit about anything but money and the amount of people on here. They are part of the THEM, as well as Google, Facebook, etc. All there to keep us occupied and tied up in our own personal shit, only worried about selfish problems.

  11. godiamone says:

    .. by the gov’t, but videos like these are encouraged here, so that it confuses our view of what is real and what is not. The truth is on the internet somewhere, listed blatantly and obvious, so obvious that people think, “this can’t? be it, it was so easy to find”, so they write it off and move along. The best kept secrets are best left in the opne and not hidden. People have that natural curiosity drive that will seek out hidden eggs and such.

  12. godiamone says:

    What are you my? mother? I don’t need to be told to calm down. I spoke legibly and clearly, so fuck off on that one. And your question doesn’t look far enough. If the gov’t were to suppress every last video on the internet then the people submitting those videos would eventually speak out on some social network, and people would question how all these videos got removed then point fingers at the gov’t. They are smarter than that; they mimic to cause confusion. I’m not saying this one was made…

  13. kirkford says:

    you think they are talking about space aliens. This video is of an illegal? alien. not fake at all.

  14. TheDurationPlusFive says:

    We wouldn’t have this problem if we would just FLAG them!
    Flag every fake vid, people, if enough of us do it we can get these gay ass fake? vids taken down.

  15. vwwout says:

    do you have a? link to a “real” one?
    TX 😉

  16. MegaBattledroid says:

    Lol U Mad? Bro?

  17. northweezee1 says:

    Classic lol keep it? up dude!

  18. BallsInYourJawsBitch says:

    Because aliens drive fords when not? on inter galactic voyages.

  19. ThePokemonmaster494 says:

    Try finding a REAL Alien video on youtube, It would take time to find it then remove? it from the publics eyes.

  20. gobee53 says:

    I was driving that car after Jalapeno Popper night at? BW3

  21. pidner says:

    Stupid aliens,dont they? know they must pay their own way?

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