Asia Star (Mini movie) “The Getback”

Asia Star (Mini movie)

Directed & Edited by @Skreechfilms4u & @Asiastar Featuring @Damedollur @_iambamboo @tiz_215 @niani_safari @heimhistory @treytrizz @ther3alzigg
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. joi12345678 says:

    If anybody think that the guy that plays Asia Star is gay….they are dumb.
    Asia Star is the most masculine female ever!
    She like one? of the

  2. Cashieemonroee says:

    “Wipe Your Self Up , Your Drippin Jelly Fat Boy!”
    Ctfuu ,? Im Soo Donee Right Now .

  3. GETthaKAM says:

    This haunted ass house…fuck live here? Casper. BOO

  4. Steve Ponzo says:

    How? 8 ppl don’t like this episode

  5. Kikibfancy says:


  6. MrM3rq says:

    LMMFAATWO!!…..y? would the do the song like that an the face asia made honey yes i died!!….too funny “;)

  7. MrRoc29 says:

    This shit was tough, peanut gotta step his game up?

  8. UniqueGotSwaggBoo says:

    LOl she said it was? this idiot

  9. Tmack1208 says:


  10. shauna126 says:

    yu gon? take my chargerr cuz

  11. freshhkidd123 says:

    Umar never have on a shirt lol?

  12. Damoni cooper says:

    Thisssss is? so funny

  13. XxrasheexX says:

    My Phone On 11%?

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